just a small town meme livin in a lonely world
fill in the blanks



1. name: jessica
2. birthday: october 25
3. favorite color:  maroon, silver, navy blue
4. lucky number: 25? idk man
5. height: 5’2.5


1. last dream you remember: i was bowling with someone at this city that looked like black city from pokemon but i don’t remember what happened
2. can you juggle: no
3. art/sports/both: sports
4. do you like writing: yeah but im not that good so writing = pain
5. do you like dancing: i like playing just dance 4
6. do you like singing: i sing a lot in the shower if that means anything


1. dream vacation: new york city, any national park, france, japan
2. dream date: sightseeing together? maybe
3. dream guy/gal: not sure
4. dream wedding: i don’t want to get married
5. dream pet:  all pets are great
6. dream job:  anything related to either animals or journalism


1. favorite song:  currently it’s sugar free by t-ara
2. favorite album:  idk but the first thing that came into mind was beast’s fiction album
3. favorite artist:  kanye west idk

4. last song you heard on the radio:  that boom clap song

5. least favorite song: i don’t like a lot of songs but i don’t think i have a least favorite
6. least favorite album: uh
7. least favorite artist: ?


1. guys/girls/both: both
2. hair color: anything
3. eye color: anything
4. humorous/serious: humorous
5. taller/shorter: im short so tall things frustrate me
6. biggest turn-off:  a lot
7. biggest turn-on:  *sweats nervously*


i’m actually a mean republican man when i play neopets

  • why can’t i go to the soup kitchen just because i have 100,000 neopoints i doNt WANNA BUY FOOD
  • now you’re sick with the sneezles and you want my hard earned neopoints to pay for your treatments? shouldn’t have gone bobbing for apples
  • hehehe i’m gonna keep refreshing the giving tree and take food from poor people
  • yeah i have an offshore neopets account i funnel neopoints through

i’m the mitt romney of neopets